At times producers both in Australia and overseas approach DEMS about investing in a project. We do not provide funding for projects; however we do provide equity and loan funding for the right kind of co-productions.

When we agree to collaborate on a project with you, you will be expected to bring key elements to the project:

  1. some level of film financing,
  2. relationships with agents/lead actors,
  3. distribution partners,
  4. can be largely filmed at our AIE Film Studios facilities in Canberra,
  5. largely utilise our LED volume,
  6. have strong VFX requirements.

All our co-productions require a female lead role for Emily De Margheriti, or an ensemble cast with a significant lead role for Emily.

We require that we manage certain aspects of the film’s production such as VFX, post-production and studio facilities either directly or through third parties such as VFX of post-production houses.

In exchange we provide cash loans and/or cash equity to the project and work with you on finalizing the finance plan. For the right kind of co-productions, we can provide anywhere from 10-40% of the film finances needed in your finance plan.

If you cannot agree to this co-production relationship from the outset, we are not the co-production company you are looking for.

If you wish to proceed under this basis, before we can review your project (which may include information pertaining to your screenplay, lookbook, financial models, film and television return on investments, marketplace parameters, sales estimates, distribution ultimates, recoupment schedules, marketing budgets, production budgets, projection figures, information memoranda, fundraising plans and figures and financial information about distributors, sales agents and other investors, and any other supporting materials), we will require you to enter into a Co-Producing Submission Policy and Release Agreement.

Please fill in this form and Co-Producing Submission Policy and Release Agreement, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.