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Why DEMS Entertainment

Dems Entertainment is looking for genre scripts that can be largely produced in a virtual production studio commencing from 2026 onwards.

No matter how great the script is, unfortunately not all scripts are suitable for Virtual Production. For this reason, we encourage you to look at projects like “1899” or “Mandalorian” before making the decision to submit your script. Especially all the behind the scenes methodology, to get a better understanding of how these projects are filmed in a virtual production volume to see if your script or project is suitable for submission to DEMS Entertainment.

Our restriction on filming methodology is due to our business model which requires us to reduce the cost of travel, accommodation and post-production.

VFX through the use of the virtual production studio. This enables DEMS Entertainment to majority finance its own projects without the need for significant external funding. It also allows us to green light our projects much faster than the years it takes most production companies to convince investors, sales agents and distributors to back their project.

Strong Female Lead

DEMS Entertainment is looking for feature scripts of any genre with a Strong Female Lead role aged (23-35) that will be played by Emily De Margheriti, or an ensemble cast with a significant lead role for Emily.

The project is suitable for most of the filming to take place in a soundstage as a virtual production using a LED volume.

The majority of filming for all our projects will be conducted in a sound stage using an LED virtual production volume. Will your story take advantage of the unique features of virtual production ? While LED stages can create the appearance of vast landscapes and environments, it can be difficult to simulate the scale and depth of real-world locations. This can make it challenging to create shots that require a wide field of view, such as aerial shots or sweeping landscapes. Stories that work well in this format are Science Fiction and Fantasy, because they often involve worlds and creatures that are difficult or expensive to create with traditional sets and practical effects.

Significant VFX requirements

As DEMS Entertainment is affiliated with the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, we look for projects that will allow AIE graduate VFX students to be attached to paid work and that provide work to the greater Australian VFX industry. Virtual productions require significant previz and pre-production 3D work to occur prior to going into production, as well as substantial set extension work which would be carried out at our large set build workshop, and typically this is some 30% or more of the budget.