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About us

DEMS Entertainment, founded by Emily De Margheriti, is a visionary film production company that champions original genre projects. Our team, led by Emily and her producing partner John, is committed to producing compelling stories that provide Emily with the right role, and resonate with audiences around the world.

We are driven by our passion for storytelling and seek out unique material that aligns with our distinct vision of working with virtual production methods similar to those used in Netflix’s 1899. At DEMS, we produce and finance select genre films and TV series that will be filmed at our future state-of-the-art AIE Film Studios in a LED virtual production stage in Canberra, Australia.

With an experienced team of creative professionals at our disposal, we aim to produce a feature film every 1-2 years. But our commitment to supporting emerging talent is equally important. That's why we provide attachment and job opportunities to graduates of the non-profit Academy of Interactive Entertainment's VFX and filmmaking programs, as a cornerstone of our mission.

DEMS Entertainment is more than just a production company. We are a creative community of passionate filmmakers and storytellers, dedicated to bringing captivating genre projects to life while nurturing the next generation of talent.