DEMS Entertainment produces and finances select genre film productions. By seeking out original material and working with experienced teams and creative talent, DEMS Entertainment is breaking new ground.

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Chaos Film | Dems Entertainment


Chaos About the film It is 2035, and the Tass Epidemic is threatening to wipe out the population of earth. On the second moon of Jupiter, a vast ocean miles beneath an icy surface has just been discovered and holds an element that may be the key to saving mankind. Though an exploratory mission falls…
Rats of Tobruk | Dems Entertainment

Rats of Tobruk

Rats of Tobruk About the film The Rats of Tobruk is a WW2 Action movie in the style of “Dunkirk” or “Saving Private Ryan.” It’s a story of how a diverse bunch of Aussie blokes – including a farmer, a schoolteacher, an aboriginal boxing champ and a former safe breaker – helped turn the course…
I Hate Kids Driving | Dems Entertainment

I Hate Kids

I Hate Kids About the film Emmy-nominated Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt actor Tituss Burgess and La La Land’s Tom Everett Scott star in award winning director John Asher’s comedy I Hate Kids which started production in July. Nick Pearson is a life-long bachelor who is finally ready to take the plunge. Wedding preparations are underway when…
Ladies In Black Banner | Dems Entertainment

Ladies in Black

Ladies in Black About the film Co-financed by Dems Entertainment and Directed by award winning Bruce Beresford, Ladies in Black is set in Sydney in the summer of 1959 against the backdrop of Australia’s cultural awakening, breakdown of class structures, and liberation of women. It tells the coming-of-age story of suburban schoolgirl Lisa, who while…

42 Wishes

42 Wishes About the film When a young woman unleashes a genie from an enchanted bong, she discovers his backlog of wishes is sending him crazy. Now she must use up all 42 wishes to free him from his prison and discover the man he once was. Writer – Emily De Margheriti Writer – Frank…

The Rising

The Rising About the film The earth has been destroyed. The last of the human race have traveled to an uninhabitable planet. Digging into the ground below their ship they have built a mighty city where the level you are born on dictates your class. On the bottom levels they mine a substance that accelerates…