Rats of Tobruk

Rats of Tobruk

About the film

The Rats of Tobruk is a WW2 Action movie in the style of “Dunkirk” or “Saving Private Ryan.” It’s a story of how a diverse bunch of Aussie blokes – including a farmer, a schoolteacher, an aboriginal boxing champ and a former safe breaker - helped turn the course of history – setting their courage, camaraderie and ingenuity against the German “blitzkrieg”, comprising dive-bombers, Panzer tanks and battle-hardened infantry.

Set in the barren, unforgiving coastal desert of North Africa this is a tale of courage framed in a real life love-story: the wartime correspondence between Phil Noyce’s father and the woman he had promised to marry, if ever he made it home alive.


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Key info

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  • Director

    Phillip Noyce

  • Screenwriter

    John Collee

  • Genre

    War, Drama 

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